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My experience with Dr. Foster has been very positive and extremely helpful. The Support Group has provided me with information and more support than I expected, especially in gaining a more positive attitude in general.

I had been staring, for months, at the Uveitis Support Group posters that abound in the waiting areas of MERSI. Finally, it dawned on me that the support group was designed for people like me; for people in EXACTLY my situation. That is when I gathered up my courage and took myself to a Support Group meeting one evening. I am so glad that I did. Consider joining the Uveitis Support Group. We are very fortunate to have such a group here in Cambridge. It is an exceptionally rare resource as I have learned from talking with others online. If you have uveitis, or if you are the loved one of a child or adult who has uveitis, think seriously about going to a meeting. You, too, will meet, and, I hope, get to know some of the same wonderful and resourceful people that I have gotten to know. The fellowship is invaluable. And, you WILL meet someone else who has this infrequently diagnosed but life-altering illness. And, if you are a parent, family member or friend, you will meet another family member or friend or parent who lives with uveitis and who also knows its effect on the family.

It was such a delight to meet in person many of the people who had been supportive of us at the Walk for Vision last year. It was so amazing to feel that Frances and Dr. Foster made us all feel like we are part of their family. I will never forget that wonderful walk along the river with friends who felt more like family than our own families. The conferences for patients and for physicians were so well done and gave me so much more information to chase away the dark fears and replace them with understanding and hope. It was one of the nicest feelings I have ever known to have time with everyone there during the Walk for Vision. We are eternally grateful for the miracle of having the assistance of Dr. Foster and the support of everyone here at this website.

The wonderful thing about The Ocular Immunology and Uveitis Foundation is that Dr. Foster is training fellows from all over the world how to diagnose and treat uveitis. Hopefully doctors will be trained and educated around the globe and proper treatment will be available to everyone who needs it. My hope is that in the future no one will have to go through what many of us uveitis patients have had to go through: years of improper treatment and a lifetime of poor or lost vision. Thank you Dr. Foster and to all the staff at MERSI and OIUF for the care and support you have given me and all of the patients who walk through your doors.

The Birdshot meeting was very interesting, as well as the combination of doctors and patients in one audience, which was a unique and -in my eyes- a very successful combination. –A physician attendee of OIUF’s International Birdshot Symposium, held in 2008.

As a General Ophthalmologist, I have found the discussions of connective tissue disease and immunomodulatory therapy to be very helpful in dealing with the complex inflammatory disorders seen in general private practice. The lectures have always been helpful, directive, and applicable. I always look forward to going. – A physician attendee of many Anterior and Posterior Segment Disorder Conferences.

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    Audio-Digest Ophthalmology Volume 56, Issue 15

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