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A Phase 3 clinical trial of a steroid-free eye drop (TRS01) in the treatment of subjects with active non-infectious anterior uveitis including subjects with uveitic glaucoma. Throughout the duration of this randomized, double-masked study, the safety and efficacy of TRS01 eye drops will be evaluated and compared to standard of care steroid eye drops. Participation is limited to subjects 75 years of age or younger (including children of all ages) who have active non-infectious anterior uveitis and are currently without treatment or on a stable dose of their current treatment. Subjects will be followed for 6 weeks over the course of 6 office visits.

Complete the IRB-approved Online Screening Questionnaire to see if you qualify for the study!



We are currently looking for patients to participate in a clinical trial comparing the study product, tivanisiran sodium ophthalmic solution, to placebo (inactive substance) for treating Dry Eye Disease signs and symptoms in subjects with Primary or Secondary Sjögren’s Disease. If you choose to take part in this clinical trial and are eligible, your participation will involve 5 to 6 clinic visits over 3.5 to 4 months. You will self-administer the study product (eye drops) in your eyes 1 time daily for 85 days.


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