Alyse Martin

The first indication that something was wrong with my left eye and got my attention was “floaters”.  So  I had my eyes checked with an ophthalmologist, about 4 years ago.  His diagnosis was “take care of your right eye so nothing happens to it cause your left eye has limited seeing abilities”, floaters.  After a few months went by and my eye was getting worse, while going outdoors in the sunlight my left eye bothered me because of the brightness.   I knew something was not right so I started to search for another eye specialist.  There I found out what my real problem was, uveitis, uvei what? and I had a cataract.

I’ve had in the past year, treatment with prednisolone (steroid) drops a few times a day, plus voltaren (nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory eye drops) and one other kind I don’t recall.  Eye chart exam showed no improvement, frustration set in.  Time for some pictures of the eye.  An injection of dye in my arm and then bright lights and click a snap shot of the inside of the eye and blood vessels, this was not much fun.  I had this done 3 times.  I also had a few blood tests and a chest x-ray, all were normal.  I, however, do suffer from Fibromyalgia (has nothing to do with my eye problems).

Some improvement, but not much, came after the 3 injections of prednisone (steroid).  I could read a little farther down on the eye chart, that was good news.  Now I’m off of the prednisone injections and my right eye has started to get inflammed, so I have been putting prednisolone(steroid) drops in my right 4 times a day for about 2 months or so and now I’m being weaned off of that.  The next step is a recommendation to a specialist at USC Doheney Eye Institure in L.A. on March 6th.

I would like to say that any and all sight I have now is a blessing.  I love nature and birding and I can see all of this, but it is a frustrating
disease, there are good days and not so good days.  Most are good.  I am anxious to find out more from this new eye institute and dig deeper into what can be done and what is causing my eye problems.

Thanks, I wanted to add this to your other letters of experiences from
others.  I hope this will help others.

Alyse Martin from California

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