Help Needed: Jane

I would like to post my story and hope to hear from someone who may know some information to help deal with Uveitis.

To introduce myself, I have posterior Uveitis for almost 6-7 years. During those times, it is mostly affected on one eye, my right eye. I was diagnosed with this condition since I was a junior in college. I had a cataract, a YAG, and biopsy done my right eye. I religiously use Predforte and FML ointment to stabilize my eye from developing any type of flare ups. Unfortunately, my left eye is beginning to see signs of Uveitis and had several steriod injections to help calm down the flare ups. I started taking Methotrexate in late August of this year. Since then, it has increased from 10 ML to 15 ML dosage. It is a cancer agent use to avoid future flare ups. But, not to improve vision from what my retina specialist advised. This is very scary for me since it is affecting both my eyes. I would like to regain my strong eye. At least knowing I still have a strong eye to rely on. But, now, it may seem to be impossible. However, i continue to pray that it can be heal in time and it can be regenerate itself. I take lots of eye vitamins like Lutein and Ocutivite to build strong eye vision and hopefully regain my sight. You see – my retina is somewhat weak due to the last flare up and caused some fluids to be store in the retina, affecting the macula. Plus, I also have IBD (inflammatory bowel disease). Studies have shown that with IBD, uveitis can be developed (only 10%).

With both eyes having poor vision, it is very frustrating on my job since I work with computers. To anyone who is reading my story, I like to know what type of jobs would be fit for those having Uveitis. Should I change my field since it may affect my eyes? My specialist says it doesn’t. But, I am easily tired since my flare up with my left eyes – putting pressure and may cause more problems. What do you think? Also, does anyone know a support group that isn’t online? With my eyes in low vision, it is not easy to stay on the PC for so long. It would be nice to talk to someone in person and listen to others going through their struggles and how they can overcome or adjust their lifestyles like unable or having difficulty to drive, vulnerable, etc.

Well, I look forward to hearing feedback. I hope my story can help someone going through similar dilemmas. My email Sincerely,



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Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis and Uveitis

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