Katie’s Story and Request for Help!

My name is Katie, I’m 15 and I was diagnosed with Pars Planitis when I was 13. It started in my left eye, but by the time I got to my doctor it was to late, I have 20/500 (L). The problem is it has moved to my right eye now, even though my docter says my vision isn’t getting worse he has never treated me. I hate to assume this, but I think that my doctor isn’t treating my because my family has bad insurance. I didn’t think anything of it at first, but when it moved to my right eye and still he did nothing I thought “why won’t he treat me!”. On several occasions I have asked him why he won’t treat me, he replies with an answer like “it could make things worse” or “It isn’t needed”. Then why has it moved to my right eye?

I can tell that my vision is getting much worse. It has been a few months since I have been in to see him. my last appointment was an emergency visit for the same reasons I have now. I don’t think that going to see him again will do any good. If insurance is the problem I don’t think seeing another doctor will help.

I have been surfing the web trying to find information on Pars Planitis, it has made me believe more that I’m not getting the help I need. I have also found more information on financial aid that the virus itself. I’m fifteen years old I’m going to need my vision for a lot longer, I would do anything to keep my vision. I hope that someone will have some advise for me. Anything would help.

Thank You,


Please respond to Katie via email: nanci@gorge.net

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