Pauline’s Story and Request for Help!

My first experience was in April of 1999. I had blurred vision and bright lights were bothering me while I was working. It came on suddenly. I called my eye doctor and was told to go immediately. I was diagnosed with Iritis (uveitis) and elevated pressures of 26 in my right eye. I returned weekly for pressure checks and cell checks. After 2 weeks, it was in both eyes and pressures elevated up to 32. I was given eye drops (which now I can’t remember because it was trial and error). My pressures did go to 23.

In November of 1999 (5 months later), I was sent to a glaucoma specialist (90 miles from home). I had a full glaucoma work up (which was normal) and also blood work and chest x-rays. All came back normal. Went back in 2 months and was told to follow up the pressures with my eye doctor. Went monthly and had a visual field test after my pressures went right up to 31 and 29 again. GDX results were normal. In December of 2000 I started Xylatan eye drops to decrease the pressures which it did. Every 6 months I had a glaucoma workup and GDX were normal. My pressures were under control so I was going to the eye doctor every 6 weeks.

In November of 2002, I had the blurry vision, hard to focus, pulling feeling in my eye. Was again diagnosed with Iritis. Started me on Pred Forte and another drop to relax the muscle and let the eye rest. Saw the doctor every 2 weeks and still had the Iritis and elevated pressures. In January of 2003, my eye felt terribly worse, had a headache and went immediately to the eye doctor to find out my pressures were up to 42. I was immediately sent to the glaucoma specialist (90 miles away) and arrived with pressures of 47. He started me immediately on Cosopt to lower the pressures, and Lotemax for the Iritis.

In February of 2003, I was sent again to another specialist that deals with Uveitis (60 miles from home). I definitely had cells in both eyes and was changed from the Pred Forte (steroid) which can increase the pressures to another eye drop. I continue to alternate with my eye doctor every 3 weeks and the specialist every 3 weeks. I am now on Lotemax twice a day and Cosopt twice a day in both eyes.

I am still having problems with my vision, blurry, milky vision, headaches, pain in my eyes (at times it feels like someone is poking my eye and won’t stop). I definitely see my vision going in the wrong direction, which I don’t want. I have been trying and working with the doctors in my area since November of 2002 and still have not found out the reason for my recurring Uveitis.

I have been told that Uveitis is not the primary disease that is causing my eye problems. It is a secondary disease and that something else is going on with my body.

I have been referred to a Rhuematologist which took me about 5 weeks to get into, but still waiting a little over 3 weeks to see.

After what seems like a lot of blood work, eye drops, etc. still no answers. I feel at times, like I’m the only one taking this so seriously and it just takes for ever to come up with why? Also lets try this drop and if it doesn’t work, we’ll change it to another and try that, is getting really old with me.

I am a 43 year old mother of 3 and value my eyesight and want answers. I’m not usually an impatient person, but am getting to that point. Traveling all over to get answers, but have not gotten the right answers. I don’t mind traveling, if we are making progress in the treatment and diagnosis of what is causing the Uveitis and Elevated Pressures (they think it’s the steroids, causing the elevated pressures).

If anyone can offer me any advice, guidance and answers, I would be most appreciative. Thank you for any help.

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Pauline from Maine

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