Pauline’s Follow up to her Story

I originally posted in June of 2003. I have had my 3rd flare up of uveitis since November 2002. The first 2 came and were treated with medication. I have had constant flare ups (cells) and elevated pressures (due to steroid drops – I’m a steroid responder) and could not get my eyes in remission.

I have been seeing a cranial sacral therapist since May of 2004. I had been on vioxx and it made me extremely ill. It was my last resort as my uveitis specialist wanted me to start methotrexate. So my primary care doctor recommended a cranial sacral doctor. Like I said I have been going since May of 2004 and have monthly checkups with my uveitis specialist who monitors my cells and pressures and he doesn’t believe in cranial sacral therapy. From June to November I was cell free!! First time since Nov. 2002. I don’t fully understand the whole therapy except that it gets the fluids moving in your whole body. I was going 2 times a week at the beginning because of the severity and then once a week and then every other week. I made it to every 3 weeks and was still cell free. My uveitis specialist was truly amazed with my appointments and being cell free. I really believe this has helped me with my eyes.

I have had all the testing (blood work and rheumatologist) and they have not been able to find a diagnosis related to my uveitis. I have seen Dr. Foster for a second opinion in August of 2003.

I have since had another flare up in the last 3 weeks, but I have had alot of stress with sickness with my parents since September. The doctor says stress could have caused my uveitis to flare up. I am back to having cranial sacral therapy once a week to get back on track.

We haven’t been able to link the two together, but when I have flare ups my liver enzymes are elevated. During this past summer, with no cells, my liver enzymes were normal. Since November, again with a flare up, my liver enzymes are elevated. I had a liver biopsy in December of 2002 with no diagnosis besides it showing inflammation.

I am on 2 types of drops – Cosopt (for elevated pressures) and on Alrex (for inflammation). In the beginning I was on numerous eye drops and many different ones, before we found the ones that worked for me.

I have not seen anything about cranial sacral therapy on this site and wanted to share it with you. I am very thankful for this, as I have not had to go on methotrexate. I will continue with the cranial sacral therapy and will also continue to have my follow up appointments with my uveitis specialist to follow up on my cells and pressures.

I hope this information may help someone else dealing with the same thing that I have been going through.

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Pauline from Maine

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